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This website is published by Ambulance Tasmania on behalf of the Emergency Services Volunteer Working Group (ESVG), which is a sub-committee of the Security and Emergency Management Advisory Group(SEMAG) which in turn is an advisory group to the Tasmanian Government's State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC).

Membership of the ESVG is limited to statutory agencies and non-government organisations with defined roles in the Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) and who accredit and train volunteers as a routine part of meeting their obligations under the plan. You can download a copy of the TEMP from the SES website at

If your agency or community organisation routinely deploys volunteers in the response or recovery phases of a disaster in Tasmania and you wish to be listed under "Other Emergency Service Organisations" on the home page of this website, contact the Coordinator, Volunteer Strategy at Ambulance Tasmania (see below). Your agency or organisation must hold public liability insurance for volunteers to be eligible for listing.

Any questions or comments regarding this website should be directed to the Coordinator, Volunteer Strategy at Ambulance Tasmania by email to or in writing to the Coordinator Volunteer Strategy, Ambulance Tasmania, GPO Box 125, Hobart, Tasmania 7001.

This website was published with assistance from the Tasmanian Government in partnership with the Australian Government under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program through the Tasmanian Emergency Volunteer Fund (EVF).

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