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Volunteering Tasmania

When disasters occur, there are very few roles for untrained volunteers. If you want to be involved in the emergency response, you should join one of Tasmania's emergency service agencies now. You'll receive the training you need to safely and effectively help on the day.

Once the situation settles down, the needs of the effected community are assessed and additional volunteers are usually required to support recovery efforts.   Emergency Volunteering CREW (Community Response to Extreme Weather) is a coordinated system to match volunteers' skills, availability and location, with the needs of organisations delivering recovery activities.  Volunteers register through the EV CREW website (before, during or after an emergency) and are matched if, and when their help is needed. 

Channel your goodwill and register with EV CREW today

Our mission ...

VT's mission is to create an environment which promotes and sustains effective volunteerism.

As the States Peak body for volunteering, we strive to make a positive impact on volunteerism. Our focus is balanced between the individuals that offer their time to the community and the organisations that involve them.

In our day to day work we are connecting with individuals and guiding them towards volunteering roles that are a good fit for them; working with volunteer involving organisations and ensuring that all of our service delivery is underpinned by a robust evidence base.

We deliver our mission in three key ways:

  1. Supporting and facilitating pathways to volunteering for all members of the community
  2. Providing consultancy, resources and information to volunteer involving organisations and programs
  3. Influencing public policy and promoting research and debate.

If you, or someone you know, would like more information about volunteering in Tasmania, or if your organisation has opportunities for volunteers:

 phone 1800 677 895 or (03) 6231 5550


 go to

 or visit your local Volunteering Tasmania office.

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An initiative of Tasmania’s emergency service agencies and Volunteering Tasmania with assistance from the Tasmanian Government and the Australian Government Attorney General’s Department.

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